Figure 6 : Comparison of growth and appearance of wild-type plants and GG-accumulating clones with CaMV 35S (Alba- AF1) or rd29A (Alba-rd29A-AF5, -AF9, -AF16, respectively) promoter controlling the ggpPS expression during control and salt stress conditions. (A-B) The final shoot height and (C-D) appearance of plants after growth at different conditions is displayed. Five plants from each line were grown under normal watering (control) and saline watering (salt stress) in greenhouse for the entire generation time. Mean values ±SD (vertical bars) of one representative greenhouse experiment are shown. Statistical significant differences to the growth of wild-type plants are marked by asterisks.

Hagemann et al.Journal of Plant Science and Molecular Breeding  2013 2:1DOI : 10.7243/2050-2389-2-1