Table 2 : Mean grain yield (kg/h) of entries, averaged over nine environments.

ENT/OB MED09 MED010 MED011 SIN010 SIN011 DAM09 DAM010 DAM011 GAD011 COMB

T1BC3S4 3351.83b 3214.59a 2763.18bcd 4244.25abcd 4026.48abc 1550.97ab 970.25a 1163.82ab 904.16a 2465.44bc
AG1BC3S4 2406.97c 2272.90b 2278.45ed 3401.73bcde 3470.754bcde 1166.20abc 446.65de 668.78b 616.42a 1858.78f
AG2BC3S4 2597.36c 2350.65b 2439.5cde 4291.14ab 4318.272ab 1477.98ab 760.01abc 1685.04a 1131.93a 2338.83cd
AG3BC3S4 3625.53ab 3397.85a 3082.10ab 3222.10de 2746.996de 1574.77a 480.76cde 833.79b 1084.09a 2227.68de
W1BC3S4 1013.67c 2219.75b 2222.13de 3054.25de 3262.504de 1207.45abc 426.02de 710.83b 1386.35a 1878.06f
AG4BC3S4 1051.67c 2398.25b 2322.88cde 3401.73cde 3679.004cde 836.97abc 413.33de 909.95b 688.06a 1893.77f
AG5BC3S4 1007.00c 2293.53b 2263.38de 3722.08bcd 3818.234bcd 1531.93ab 395.08de 1197.93ab 1237.12a 2095.11e
AG6BC3S4 1469.00b 3172.54a 2833.79bc 4372.77ab 4442.746ab 1523.99ab 674.33bcd 779.85b 1799.99a 2566.35b
T2BC3S4 1046.00c 2172.15b 2157.07e 3104.71de 3262.504de 1140.81abc 478.38cde 771.12b 1226.18a 1866.87f
W2BC3S4 1651.33a 3389.91a 3389.91a 4720.25a 4650.996a 1592.22a 818.72ab 1175.72ab 1714.08a 2820.30a
SRN39 529.33e 1843.71bc 1535.89f 2428.31e 2424.744e 989.29abc 337.96e 1017.05b 944.38a 1420.86h
IS9830 760.67d 1457.35cd 1335.97fg 2825.77de 2975.00de 1421.65abc 461.72de 1289.17ab 1270.68a 1649.82g
N13 670.33ed 1232.84d 1160.65fg 2826.25de 3540.25de 802.06bc 437.92de 928.99b 1048.15a 1507.97gh
Tabat 29.33g 230.07e 145.18h 2387.85e 2410.464e 702.89c 510.91cde 660.05b 565.01a 853.71i
W. Ahmed 551.7ef 678.30e 1030.54fg 3222.10de 3262.504de 1079.57abc 503.77cde 918.68b 1284.01a 1477.03h
AG-8 429.67f 648.95e 840.14g 3252.98cde 3232.754cde 1260.61abc 651.33bcd 716.38b 1233.32a 1428.71h
Mean 952.75 2060.84 1987.54 3405.02 3470.2542 1241.22 547.95 964.19 1133.38 1896.84
SE± 37.02 113.74 115.74 208.73 226.9568 147.73 58.81 131.26 288.93 168.27

** Means with different letters in the same column are significantly different at P=0.05;
MED=Madani; SIN=Sinnar; DAM=Damazine; GAD=Gadarif

Mohamed et al.Journal of Plant Science and Molecular Breeding  2014 3:3DOI : 10.7243/2050-2389-3-3