Table 6 : Mean emerged Striga plants (plants/m2), averaged over nine environments.

ENT/OB MED09 MED010 MED011 SIN010 SIN011 DAM09 DAM010 DAM011 GAD011 COMB

T1BC3S4 2.00b 2.67b 7.50b 0.00b 0.00c 0.33b 2.33fgh 2.00a 44.00a 9.30b
AG1BC3S4 3.00b 3.33b 11.33ab 0.00b 0.00c 1.67b 3.33def 11.00a 36.57a 8.69b
AG2BC3S4 2.00b 3.00b 11.00ab 0.00b 0.00c 0.67b 3.33def 21.33a 12.30a 6.85b
AG BC3S4 2.67b 2.67b 7.83b 0.00b 0.00c 0.67b 3.00efg 19.67a 25.80a 7.50b
W1BC3S4 3.00b 3.33b 11.00ab 0.00b 0.00c 0.00b 4.67bcd 23.67a 35.67a 9.89b
AG4BC3S4 2.67b 3.33b 11.17ab 0.00b 0.00c 0.67b 6.00b 11.67a 41.70a 9.45b
AG5BC3S4 3.33b 3.00b 11.33ab 0.00b 0.00c 0.67b 3.67cde 17.67a 43.57a 10.17b
AG6BC3S4 2.00b 2.67b 7.167b 0.00b 0.00c 0.67b 3.33def 12.67a 43.10a 8.45b
T2BC3S4 3.00b 3.33b 11.83ab 0.00b 0.00c 1.00b 1.33hi 22.67a 33.90a 9.51 b
W2BC3S4 2.33b 2.33b 7.33b 0.00b 0.00c 1.00b 5.33bcd 11.33a 28.46a 7.01b
SRN39 2.67b 2.67b 8.00b 0.00b 0.00c 1.33b 1.00i 11.00a 25.87a 6.43b
IS9830 3.00b 3.33b 7.17b 0.00b 0.00c 0.33b 2.00gh 10.00a 29.00a 6.52b
N13 2.33b 3.00b 7.17b 0.00b 0.00c 1.33b 4.33bcd 9.33a 24.90a 6.29b
Tabat 9.00a 9.67a 33.17ab 4.67a 10.33a 5.00a 8.00a 21.33a 73.90a  22.06a
Wad Ahmed 10.33a 11.00a 34.67a 5.00a 7.67ab 5.00a 5.67cb 17.67a 46.10a 18.53a
AG-8 9.67a 9.0a 30.33ab 4.33a 6.33b 4.67a 4.00bcd 13.67a 57.43a 17.86a
SE± 0.89 0.54 7.60 0.32 0.72 0.65 0.42 3.35 12.8 4.50
CV 39.26 21.92 95.96 62.45 82.16 71.99 19.05 36.38 58.84 76.13

** Means with different letters in the same column are significantly different at P=0.05

Mohamed et al.Journal of Plant Science and Molecular Breeding  2014 3:3DOI : 10.7243/2050-2389-3-3