Table 8 : Mean plant height (cm) of entries averaged over nine environments.

    ENT/OB MED09 MED010 MED011 SIN010 SIN011 DAM09 DAM010 DAM011 GAD2011 COMB

T1BC3S4 131.00h 133.33g 132.66d 152.66bcd 155.67bc 152.66b 146.00bcd 132.66d 141.03abc 141.71de
AG1BC3S4 138.30gh 136.66g 135.00d 127.57efg 130.57cd 91.66d 131.66cde 135.00d 139.53abc 132.37f
AG2BC3S4 131.67h 135.00g 135.00d 157.66bcd 160.33cb 150.00b 139.00bcd 135.00d 168.17abc 144.39d
AG3BC3S4 153.30e 155.00e 153.33c 169.00bc 171.67b 147.00b 152.00bc 153.33c 177.73abc 154.63c
W1BC3S4 173.30c 175.00c 156.66c 144.66bcd 147.33bcd 146.33b 140.00bcd 156.66c 158.00abc 150.85c
AG4BC3S4 153.33e 153.33ef 153.33c 130.90def 133.57cd 120.33c 108.33g 153.33c 101.80ef 137.22ef
AG5BC3S4 156.67de 166.67d 153.33c 172.33b 175.00b 154.00b 155.66ab 153.33c 181.80abc 161.83b
AG6BC3S4 133.00h 135.00g 136.66d 141.56cde 144.90bcd 107.33cd 114.66fg 136.66d 102.07ef 131.99f
T2BC3S4 165.00d 156.66e 156.66c 172.00b 175.00b 153.33b 155.66ba 156.67c 201.23a 161.10b
W2BC3S4 148.33ef 146.66f 151.66c 138.66def 141.67bcd 118.00c 120.0efg 151.66c 116.50cde 135.32f
SRN39 143.33fg 135.00g 135.00d 115.66fg 128.67cd 110.66cd 127.66def 135.00d 129.80bcd 132.61f
IS9830 218.30b 211.66b 213.33b 223.13a 226.13a 193.00a 175.66a 213.33b 197.67ab 207.81a
N13 227.67a 233.33a 225.00a 232.47a 235.47a 158.33b 159.6ba 225.00a 177.87abc 206.05a
Tabat 150.00ef 146.66f 150.00c 112.33g 115.33d 111.33cd 111.33fg 150.00c 110.77cde 125.05g
Wad Ahmed 156.67de 151.67ef 153.33c 139.23def 141.90bcd 116.67c 114.33fg 153.33c 142.87abc 137.48ef
AG-8 131.67h 130.00g 127.66d 126.46efg 129.40cd 105.33cd 122.33efg 127.66d   90.60f 121.24g
SE± 1.97 1.55 1.97 5.9 6.96 4.9 4.31 1.97 13.61 6.27
CV 2.17 1.71 2.21 6.65 7.66 6.33 5.3 2.21 16.11 7.28

** Means with different letters in the same column are significantly different at P=0.05

Mohamed et al.Journal of Plant Science and Molecular Breeding  2014 3:3DOI : 10.7243/2050-2389-3-3