Figure 4 : A 52 year old patient was admitted in the clinic with massive headaches and confusion.
The CT scan presented a massive intraventricular bleeding, a mass occupying interhemispheric
hematoma and a diffuse SAH in a patient with a ruptured pericallosal aneurysm (A). The DSA (B)
identified the aneurysm on the left pericallosal artery. The clipping of the aneurysm, the suction
of the hematoma and the additional decompressive craniotomie allowed a satisfactory patient`s
evolution. The angiographic pictures (C) confirm the complete aneurysm occlusion, without
associated cerebral vasospasm.

Archavlis et al.Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Research  2013 2:18DOI : 10.7243/2050-120X-2-18