Table 2 : Effect of BXD decoction on intestinal enzyme activities in mice with spleen-deficiency constipation.

Groups Protease (U·g-1) Amylase(U·g-1) Xylanase(U·g-1) Cellulase (U·g-1)

Normal group 13.233±1.400 3.833±0.084 2.635±0.076 2.161±0.058
Model group 19.517±0.814A 0.815±0.062A 1.983±0.025A 2.216±0.127
ZZD group 19.383±0.425A 0.671±0.045Ab 2.983±0.077AB 1.663±0.098AB
BXD group 8.600±0.450ABC 0.865±0.057AC 2.862±0.089aB 2.572±0.110ABC

Note: compared to normal group: a: p<0.05, A:p<0.01;compared to model group: b:p<0.05,
B:p<0.01;compared to ZZD group: C:p<0.01.

Hui et al.Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Research  2017 6:1DOI : 10.7243/2050-120X-6-1