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Effects of ultra-micro powder wuji wan on gut microbes and enzyme activities

ZhouJin Tan1*, Ao Zeng1, XinHua Shu2, NenQun Xiao1, HuaLing Zhang1, KangXiao Guo1 and GuangXian Cai1*

Correspondence: ZhouJin Tan and GuangXian Cai

1. Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changsha, Hunan Province, 410208, PRC.

Author Affiliations

2. Department of Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow G4 0BA, United Kingdom.


To explore the effect of Chinese medicine ultra-micro powder Wuji Wan on gut microorganisms and enzyme activities, microbial culturing methods and enzymological methods were used to determine the amount of microbes and enzyme activities in gastrointestinal tract. Antibacterial activity of ultra-micro powder Wuji Wan were determined in vitro. Mice were randomly divided into 6 groups.The drugs were orally administered. The results showed that the amount of Bifidobacterium spp., Lactobacillus spp., and the activity of amylase and cellulase in gastrointestinal tract were not significantly affected by ultra-micro powder Wuji Wan (P>0.05). But the growth of bacteria, colibacillus and fungi, and the activity of the protease and xylanase in gastrointestinal tract were inhibited by the ultra-micro powder Wuji Wan (P<0.05). Ultra-micro Wuji Wan can significantly inhibit the growth of common opportunistic pathogens in gastrointestinal tract in vitro. The effects of ultra-micro powder Wuji Wan on microorganisms and enzyme activities in stomach were stronger than in intestine. The 25% of ultra-micro powder dose can produce the greatest effect in the stomach without injection. Ultra-micro technology can conserve Chinese herbal medicine.

Keywords: Wuji Wan, ultra-micro powder Wuji Wan, gut microbes, gut enzyme

ISSN 2050-120X
Volume 2
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