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Journal of Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering

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Scope of distraction osteogenesis in dentistry – a mini review

Ajay Mahajan1*, Divya Kashyap1, Baljeet Singh1, Amit Kumar1 and Poonam2

*Correspondence: Ajay Mahajan

1. Himachal Pradesh Government Dental College and Hospital (H.P.G.D.C.) Shimla-H.P., India.

Author Affiliations

2. Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry, India.


Distraction osteogenesis has emerged as an effective treatment modality for the correction of bone anomalies and abnormalities which are either pathological or developmental in origin. Earlier it was predominantly used in orthopaedics for the correction of axial skeleton. Its use in the field of dentistry began in the late twentieth century. Successful results from the initial clinical trials prompted more and more researchers to explore this field. Its use in dentistry involves the correction of craniofacial anomalies, alveolar ridge for the prosthetic rehabilitation and recently for the regeneration of lost periodontium.

Keywords: Distraction osteogenesis, dentistry, review, regeneration

ISSN 2050-1218
Volume 2
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