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Journal of Medical Disorders

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Spectrum of opportunistic infections among HIV seropositive patients in Delhi region-a study by Delhi state AIDS control society

Vandana Dabla*, Anil K Gupta and Ishwar Singh

*Correspondence: Vandana Dabla

Author Affiliations

Delhi State AIDS Control Society, Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi, India.


Background: HIV infection leads to AIDS and opportunistic infections are major cause of morbidity and mortality of such patients which considerably affect the health and quality of life of people infected with HIV. Hence the present study was carried out to find out the most common opportunistic pathogen and different opportunistic pathogens infecting HIV seropositive patients in Delhi region, India.

Methods: This observational study was conducted in period from April’2013 to March’2014. During the period, total of 22,578 HIV seropositive patients were under active care of 9 ART centers of Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS) till March’2014. Patients were grouped according to age as children (≤15 years of age) and adults (>15years of age) and evaluated for 13 major opportunistic infections.

Results: During the period, 2725 cases were diagnosed and treated for OIs amongst HIV seropositive patients assessed under active care of ART centers. Tuberculosis accounts for maximum cases with 28.07%. Second most common OI reported was Candidiasis with 18.79% cases. Other OI reported were Bacterial Infections (Respiratory), Diarrhea, Bacterial Infections (skin) and Herpes Zoster with distibution of 15.5%, 14.53%, 6.64% and 3.78% respectively.

Conclusion: This study is the first study ever on cumulative reported data on OI’s among HIV/AIDS patients on active care from DSACS (Delhi) showing the real-time distribution from Northern India. This will serve as a matrix for future evaluation.

Keywords: Seropositive HIV patients, opportunistic infections, spectrum, Delhi state AIDS control society, ART

ISSN 2053-3659
Volume 3
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