Case reportOpen Access

Complete reversibility of central pontine myelinolysis not associated with hyponatremia

Ebru Altay, Pravin George, Aarti Sarwal, Christopher R Newey
Journal of Medical Disorders2016 4: 1 (14 April 2016)
Case reportOpen Access

Transcranial doppler findings in a case of rabies encephalitis

Aarti Sarwal, Joshua Botdorf, Christopher R. Newey, Manjamalai Sivaraman
Journal of Medical Disorders2014 2: 2 (30 September 2014)
Case reportOpen Access

Pink skin, urine and effluent fluid after cyanide poisoning

Sophie Debord, Gael Bourdin, Alina Stoian, Frédérique Bayle, Véronique Leray, Jean-Chritophe Richard, Claude Guérin
Journal of Medical Disorders2013 1: 3 (16 September 2013)