Table 1 : Effects of potassium adsorption filter methods A and B on
potassium concentrations in red blood cell solutions.

RBC #1
RBC #2
RBC #3
Saline-filled method
(method A, N=4)
92.7±0.1% 93.1±0.0% 89.7±0.1%
Saline-removed method
(method B, N=4)
96.8±0.0%* 95.8±0.0%* 95.1±0.0%*

RBC: Red blood cell solution
The potassium concentration of RBC#1 (AB type, Rh D+, day 25),
RBC#2 (AB type, Rh D+, day 24), RBC#3 (AB type, Rh D+, day
24) prior to passing through PAF was 54.0±1.0 mEq/L, 62.8±2.8
mEq/L, 60.0±0.4 mEq/L, respectively.
Data represent the means±standard errors.
*:p<0.05 vs. values from the sample obtained using method A.

Fujita et al.Medical Instrumentation  2016 4:1DOI : 10.7243/2052-6962-4-1