Table 3 : Erythrocyte damage in red blood cell solutions after use
of transfusion and potassium (B method) filters.

  Before filter After filter
Transfusion filter    
Free hemoglobin (mg/dL) 12.0±0.0 16.5±0.6*
LD (IU/L) 58.0±0.9 65.0±0.4*
Potassium adsorption filter
(B method)
Free hemoglobin (mg/dL) 10.5±0.3 13.8±0.5*
LD (IU/L) 54.0±1.4 61.3±0.8*

The results are representive of 3 independent experiments.
Data represent the means±standard errors.
*:p<0.05 vs. values from the sample prior to passing through
transfusion filter or PAF.

Fujita et al.Medical Instrumentation  2016 4:1DOI : 10.7243/2052-6962-4-1