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Medical Instrumentation

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Analytical formulas for current dynamics and peak temperature during quench in MRI

Alex Protopopov

Correspondence: Alex Protopopov

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia.


Quench of a superconducting magnet in MRI scanners may cause damage to the coil, but is unavoidable in some situations. Knowledge of the temporal evolution of current and the maximum temperature developed in the coil make it possible to determine the state the coil after the quench. Commonly, these parameters are computed using three-dimensional simulation programs. However, numerical models do not provide physical links between basic parameters of the magnet and quench dynamics. This paper presents analytical formulas that may serve as reasonable estimates, showing relationship between quench dynamics and parameters of a superconducting magnet.

Keywords: Superconducting coils, quench, magnet, MRI

ISSN 2052-6962
Volume 2
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