Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics

Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics

ISSN 2053-7662
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Comparison of p-value results between one versus two sample t testing: A case study

John Hart1,2

Correspondence: John Hart

1. Greenville, South Carolina USA.

Author Affiliations

2. Adjunct Faculty, Purdue University Global, USA.


The one-sample t test compares a sample to a known average. The standard deviation (SD) is known for the sample but not for the known average. This study compares p-values from one-sample versus twosample t testing where SD is also known with the known average to see if the lack of information on SD makes a difference in p-values calculated with versus without the SD. Having confidence in a t test p-value is to have confidence in whether the difference in means happened by chance or not.

Keywords: Heart rate variability, biostatistics, t test

ISSN 2053-7662
Volume 9
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