Medical Imaging and Radiology

Medical Imaging and Radiology

ISSN 2054-1945
Case report

Spontaneous resolution of a thymic cyst: report of a case

Naohiro Taira*, Tsutomu Kawabata, Takaharu Ichi, Kazuaki Kushi, Tomofumi Yohena, Hidenori Kawasaki and Kiyoshi Ishikawa

*Correspondence: Naohiro Taira

Author Affiliations

Department of General Surgery, National Hospital Organization, Okinawa National Hospital, Okinawa, Japan.


We describe 50-year-old male who was diagnosed as thymic cyst and followed by periodic CT scans. Over a 2-year period there was a gradual decline in the size of the lesion and eventual complete resolution. In select cases, a conservative management may be possible, although more thorough scientific documentation is needed to discuss about cause of the spontaneous resolution of thymic cysts because there have previously been few published cases of that.

Keywords: CT scan, thymic cyst, spontaneous resolution, conservative management

ISSN 2054-1945
Volume 2
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