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Journal of Metabolomics

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Metabolomic profiling of cancer cells to Aloe vera extract by 1HNMR spectroscopy

Seyedeh Masoomeh Noorolahi1, Sedigheh Sadeghi2, Maryam Mohammadi2, Mahsa Azadi2, Nowrooze Ali Rahimi2, Farideh Vahabi2, Mohammad Arjmand2, Haj Hosseini2, Samaneh Mosallatpur1 and Zahra Zamani2*

*Correspondence: Zahra Zamani

2. Department of Biochemistry, Pasteur Institute of Iran, Tehran, Iran.

Author Affiliations

1. Department of Biochemistry, Payame Noor university, Tehran, Iran.


Background: The modern life style despite its comforts has made cancer a leading public health problem. As chemotherapeutics has many side effects including resistance, recent attention has focused on plants which may provide a good opportunity for complementary cancer treatment. Aloe vera has been described as a wonder plant due to its many advantages. It has been reported to have anticancer properties. Metabolomics is the measurement and analysis of metabolites in a biological sample by the use of throughput technology like 1HNuclear Magnetic Resonance and Mass Spectrometry. The results are analyzed by multivariate analysis methods. The metabolome reveals the final interaction between the genome of an organism and its environment. We studied the inhibitory effects and metabolomic profile of Aloe Vera extract on Raji cells (cancerous lymphoma cells) using 1HNMR spectroscopy.

Methods: The gel was removed from Aloe vera leaves by a sharp knife and chopped by a blender, warmed to 50°C with ascorbic acid as antioxidant and finally cooled to almost 20°C. After filtering, the gel was lyophilized and dissolved in RPMI medium (2mg/ml) and added to Raji cells and 50% inhibitory concentration determined by MTT. Large scale culture of Raji cells were carried out using 50% inhibitory concentration dose of Aloe vera gel. The Raji cells were collected, metabolites extracted using water or chloroform/methanol, lyophilized and sent for 1HNuclear magnetic resonance analysis by NOESY technique.

Results: 50% inhibitory concentration of Aloe vera was seen to be 40 μg/ml. The differentiating metabolites were identified and the metabolic cycles were detected.

Conclusions: Changes were observed mainly in the amino acid metabolites and the main metabolic cycles involved were protein biosynthesis, mitochondria transport chain, catecholamine biosynthesis and pentose phosphate pathway.

Keywords: Metabolomics, Aloe Vera, Raji cells, 1HNMR spectroscopy

ISSN 2059-0008
Volume 2
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