Scope of the journal

The scope of the journal includes the study of all the microscopic organisms like virus, fungi, bacteria, algae, protozoa in all aspects such asstructure, characterization, taxonomy, classification, nomenclature, reproduction, methods and techniques used in detection and identification and their applications in current research field along with the study of the immune system and parasitology. View More...

Special Sections

Articles published in the journal will also be included under the special section that falls within the scope of each section. The special sections are as follows:
Biofilm and Quorum sensing | Microbial Pathogenesis | Microbial Genomics | Industrial Microbiology

ReviewOpen Access

Can RNAi be used as a weapon against COVID-19/SARSCoV-2?

Kawalpreet K Aneja, Niketa Dixit, Arun Kumar
Microbiology Discovery 8 : 1

Original ResearchOpen Access

Antimicrobial susceptibility profiles among bacterial isolates from Nairobi River Water in Nairobi County, Kenya

Edinah Song’oro, Andrew Nyerere, Gabriel Magoma, Revathi Gunturu
Microbiology Discovery 7 : 1

Case reportOpen Access

Clostridium paraputrificum as rare causative of lifethreatening spontaneous necrotizing cellulitis of the abdominal wall

Joerg Lindenmann, Nicole Fink-Neuboeck, Eva Leitner, Andrea Grisold, Peter Kohek, Freyja Maria Smolle-Juettner1
Microbiology Discovery 4 : 3

Original ResearchOpen Access

Cryptococcal antigenemia among HIV seropositive patients accessing care in antiretroviral therapy (ART) clinics in Calabar, South Southern Nigeria

Ofonime M Ogba, Lydia Abia-Bassey
Microbiology Discovery 3 : 7

Original ResearchOpen Access

Antimicrobial susceptibility of commensal Escherichia coli from faeces of apparently healthy white fulani cattle (Bos indicus)

Ruth F Aminu, Ishaleku David
Microbiology Discovery 3 : 6

Short report | Industrial Microbiology Open Access

Antifungal efficacy of octylgallate and 4-isopropyl-3-methylphenol for control of Aspergillus

Jong H Kim, William Hart-Cooper, Kathleen L Chan, Luisa W Cheng, William J Orts, Kaj Johnson
Microbiology Discovery 4 : 2

Original Research | Microbial Pathogenesis Open Access

Occurrence of entomopathogenic fungi in atlantic forest soils

Margy Alejandra Esparza Mora, Janaina Ribeiro Costa Rouws, Marcelo Elias Fraga
Microbiology Discovery 4 : 1

Review | Industrial Microbiology Open Access

Probiotics in personal care products

Mei-Chiung Jo Huang, Jane Tang
Microbiology Discovery 3 : 5

Case report | Microbial Pathogenesis Open Access

Recurrent invasive Haemophilus influenzae serotype a infection in an infant

Kathleen Whyte, Paul N Levett, Greg B Horsman, Khami Chokani, Kristy Hayden, Michelle Shuel, Raymond SW Tsang
Microbiology Discovery 3 : 4

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Dr. Todd R. Callaway
is currently a Research Microbiologist with the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture,Food and Feed Safety Research Unit,College Station,Texas. His research focus is on reducing food borne pathogens in food animals before they can enter the food chain.

Dr. Jose Ruiz-Herrera
is presently working at National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico. The research interest majorly includes Molecular and cell Biology of Fungi, structure and synthesis of the fungal cell wall, chitin and glucan syntheses, yeast-to-mycelium dimorphism in fungi, role of polyamine metabolism in fungal differentiation.

Senior Editors

Dr. Lisa Durso
is a Microbiologist, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, USA. Her research area focuses broadly on microbial ecology, environmental quality, food, water and soil microbiology, host pathogen interactions, gastrointestinal microbiology, epidemiology, outbreak investigations, agroecosystems, metegenomics, and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Wensheng Qin
is an expert in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, presently working as Ontario Research Chair in Biorefining Research, Biorefining Research Institute & Department of Biology, Lakehead University, Canada. His research interests include Biomass conversion, Biofuels, Bioproducts, Microbiology, Enzyme.

Dr. Ester Grilli
Is presently working as a Assistant professor in animal nutrition, University of Bologna, Italy. Her research interests include intestinal inflammation, nutrition and malabsoprtion, development of preventive strategies to reduce C.jejuni, E.coli, Arcobacter, Salmonella sppin the intestine of food animals and pig model to study inflammation and the gut-microbiota-host crosstalk.

Microbiology Subject Areas

Cellular & Molecular Microbiology, Evolutionary & Environmental Microbiology, Medical & Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Food & Industrial Microbiology, Soil & Plant Microbiology, Clinical & Diagnostic Microbiology, Nano Microbiology, Microbial Genetics, Microbial Cytology, Microbial Physiology, Microbial Ecology, Microbial Cell structure & Growth, Microbial Metabolism & Interactions.