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Case report

Aspergillus fijiensis n. sp. isolated from bronchial washings in a human case of bronchiectasis with invasive aspergillosis: the first report

Giancarlo Perrone1, Gaetano Stea1, Chandana N. Kulathunga2, Hewage Wijedasa3 and Sarath N. Arseculeratne3*

*Correspondence: Sarath N. Arseculeratne chubby@sltnet.lk

3. Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Author Affiliations

1. Institute of Sciences of Food Production, National Research Council, Bari, Italy.

2. District General Hospital, Matale, Sri Lanka.


Aspergillus species are frequently involved in human broncho-pulmonary diseases, especially in immunocompromised patients. Although A. fumigatus is the predominant species causing these diseases, A niger, A flavus, A nidulans, A oryzae, and A terreus have occasionally been responsible. We report a case of invasive aspergillosis in a middle-aged male with a productive cough of 6 months' duration. In the bronchial washings, branched filaments compatible with septate, fungal mycelia were detected, in the absence of other pathogens. The pure culture on Sabouraud agar resembled that of A. japonicus, with a dark brown-black concentric rings on a whitish surface, yellow pigmentation on the reverse. The slide culture showed septate mycelia bearing globose vesicles, uniseriate, oval sterigmata and spherical echinulate spores. Multilocus sequence analysis of benA, CaM partial genes allowed us to identify it as A. fijiensis. This species was recently isolated from the soil of Fiji islands, identified as a new uniseriate species within Aspergillus Sect. Nigri. This report is the first on A. fijiensis in a pathogenic role.

Keywords: Aspergillus fijiensis, n. sp., molecular biological characterization, aspergilloma with bronchiectasis, first report itraconazole

ISSN 2052-6180
Volume 1
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