Clinical Nephrology and Urology Science

Clinical Nephrology and Urology Science

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Role of novel cardiac biomarkers in prediction of cardiovascular risk in predialysis CKD patients by their correlations with left ventricular mass index

Satyanand Sathi1*, Sham Sunder1, Himanshu Mahapatra1, Rajesh Jayaraman1, Neera Sharma2, Himanshu Verma1, Venkata Ramanan1, Anurag Gupta1, Prabhu Kanchi1, Sunil Daksh1, Pranith Ram1 and Harsh Wardhan3

*Correspondence: Satyanand Sathi

1. Department of Nephrology, PGIMER & Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital New Delhi, India.

Clinical Nephrology and Urology Science  2014 1:4doi: 10.7243/2054-7161-1-4

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