Journal of Autoimmunity and Cell Responses

Journal of Autoimmunity and Cell Responses

ISSN 2054-989X
Original Research

Biologic therapies in rheumatic diseases: drug and anti-drug antibody levels and clinical efficacy

Stefania Lombardi1*, Cristina Bernardoni6, Daniela Bertolucci2, Riccardo Cecchetti3, Francesca De Giorgio4, GianLuigi Occhipinti5, Andrea Palagi1, Gloria Bertacca1, Isabella Giannelli1, Elena Bonomi1, Marco Friggeri1 and Giancarlo Tartarelli6

*Correspondence: Stefania Lombardi

1. SSD Clinical Analysis and Immunoallergology, Massa Carrara, Italy.

Journal of Autoimmunity and Cell Responses  2017 4:1doi: 10.7243/2054-989X-4-1

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