Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research

Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research

ISSN 2049-7962
Case report

Primary isolated bone marrow diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with the initial presentation as severe thrombocytopenia, successfully treated with chemotherapy: a case report and review of the literature

Hiroko Nishida1,2* Masao Hori3 and Katsuyuki Obara1

*Corresponding author: Hiroko Nishida

1. Department of Internal of Medicine, Mito Red Cross Hospital, Ibaraki, Japan.

Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research  2012 1:28doi: 10.7243/2049-7962-1-28

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Doi :: 10.1002/hon.2178
Article Title :: Primary bone marrow lymphoma is a rare neoplasm with poor outcome: case series from single tertiary care centre and review of literature
Journal Title :: Hematological Oncology
Author Contributions ::
Priyanka Bhagat  Man Updesh Singh Sachdeva  Prashant Sharma  Shano Naseem  Jasmina Ahluwalia  Reena Das  Neelam Varma  Arjun Law  Pankaj Malhotra  
Volume :: 34    Issue :: 1    Year :: 2016    eISSN :: 02780232
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