Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research

Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research

ISSN 2049-7962
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PCI-24781 (abexinostat), a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor, induces reactive oxygen species-dependent apoptosis and is synergistic with bortezomib in neuroblastoma

Giselle Saulnier Sholler1*, Erika A. Currier2, Akshita Dutta1, Marni A. Slavik3, Sharon A. Illenye4, Maria Cecilia F. Mendonca5, Julie Dragon3, Stephen S. Roberts6 and Jeffrey P. Bond3

*Correspondence: Giselle Saulnier Sholler

1. Department of Pediatrics, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research  2013 2:21doi: 10.7243/2049-7962-2-21

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