Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Science

Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Science

ISSN 2049-9752
Case report

Epidural catheter migration and extra-spinal drug delivery: a possible cause of inflammation and/or infection

Maria Angeles Rodríguez Navarro1, Francisco Miguel González Valverde3*, Maria Victoria Redondo Carazo2, Jose A. Pérez Moreno1, Martín García Muñoz1, Jesus Alonso Castillo1 and Mayo Saturno Marcos1

*Correspondence: Francisco Miguel González Valverde

3. Department of surgery, university hospital reina sofía, murcia, Spain.

Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Science  2013 2:11doi: 10.7243/2049-9752-2-11

Doi :: 10.1089/adt.2016.760
Article Title :: Tramadol, an Opioid Receptor Agonist: An Inhibitor of Growth, Morphogenesis, and Biofilm Formation in the Human Pathogen,Candida albicans
Journal Title :: ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies
Author Contributions ::
Gunderao Hanumantrao Kathwate  S. Mohan Karuppayil  
Volume :: 14    Issue :: 10    Year :: 2016    eISSN :: 1540-658X
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Volume 2
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