Biochemical Compounds

Biochemical Compounds

ISSN 2052-9341
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Base-modified thymidine and thymine analogs with low cytotoxicity effectively obstruct DNA replication in papovaviridae

Kayla M. Borland, Patrick R. Wolfkiel, Matthew P. Burke, Sean M. Lawson, Courtney A. Stockman, Aron P. Bercz, Julia N. Tolstolutskaya and Vladislav A. Litosh*

*Correspondence: Vladislav A. Litosh

Author Affiliations

Department of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati, 301 W. Clifton Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45221, USA.

Biochemical Compounds  2016 4:3doi: 10.7243/2052-9341-4-3

Doi :: 10.1016/j.tet.2020.131705
Article Title :: Stereochemistry of the α-carbon in the benzylic modifying moiety attached at the C-5 end of thymidine affects the potency of a newly identified anti-cancer lead nucleoside
Journal Title :: Tetrahedron
Author Contributions ::
Aron P. Bercz  W. Andrew McClure  Michael English  Michael W. Keebaugh  Vladislav A. Litosh  
Volume :: 76    Issue :: 52    Year :: 2020    eISSN :: 00404020
Cited Article
Doi :: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2023.129432
Article Title :: Modification of N-hydroxycytidine yields a novel lead compound exhibiting activity against the Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus
Journal Title :: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Author Contributions ::
Isaac L. Downs  A. David Ordonez Luna  Krishna P. Kota  Sarah K. Rubin  Serena S. Shirsekar  Michael D. Ward  Rekha G. Panchal  Vladislav A. Litosh  
Volume :: 94    Year :: 2023    eISSN :: 0960894X
Cited Article
Volume 4
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