Biochemical Compounds

Biochemical Compounds

ISSN 2052-9341
Original Research

Base-modified thymidine and thymine analogs with low cytotoxicity effectively obstruct DNA replication in papovaviridae

Kayla M. Borland, Patrick R. Wolfkiel, Matthew P. Burke, Sean M. Lawson, Courtney A. Stockman, Aron P. Bercz, Julia N. Tolstolutskaya and Vladislav A. Litosh*

*Correspondence: Vladislav A. Litosh

Author Affiliations

Department of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati, 301 W. Clifton Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45221, USA.

Biochemical Compounds  2016 4:3doi: 10.7243/2052-9341-4-3

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