Hematology and Leukemia

Hematology and Leukemia

ISSN 2052-434X
Case report

Transformation of myelodysplastic syndrome with isolated 5q-syndrome to chronic myelogenous leukemia with a novel complex BCR/ABL1 translocation with rapid progression to blast crisis

Ann-Leslie Zaslav1*, Rajarsi Gupta1, Bruce T. Burks2, Michael Schuster3, Bita Jalilizeinali3, Erin Knorr1, Dan Tully1, Paula Fernicola1, Theresa Mercado1, Silvia Spitzer1, Marc Golightly1, Yupo Ma1 and Tahmeena Ahmed1

*Correspondence: Ann-Leslie Zaslav ann-leslie.zaslav@stonybrookmedicine.edu

1. Department of Pathology, Stony Brook University Medical Center, Stony Brook, NY, USA.

Hematology and Leukemia  2016 4:2doi: 10.7243/2052-434X-4-2

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