Medical Imaging and Radiology

Medical Imaging and Radiology

ISSN 2054-1945
Original Research

Current State of Affairs With Regard to Thanatological Imaging in Francophone Sub-saharan Africa: Opinions of Radiology Technicians

Abdoulatif Amadou1,2*, Pihou Gbande2, Solim Carolle Nabede2, Massaga Dagbe4, Lantam Sonhaye2, Lama Kedigom Agoda-Koussema5 and Komlanvi Adjenou2

*Correspondence: Abdoulatif Amadou

1. Radiology department of Centre Hospitalier Régional Tomdè, Kara, Togo.

Medical Imaging and Radiology  2021 9:2doi: 10.7243/2054-1945-9-2

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