Journal of Toxicology and Health

Journal of Toxicology and Health

ISSN 2056-3779
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Teratogenicity and volatile composition evaluation of soymilk fermented with a Deinococcus member

I-Chen Li1, Wan-Ping Chen1, Yi-Chin Lin1, Charng-Cherng Chyau2* and Chin-Chu Chen1,3,4,5*

*Correspondence: Charng-Cherng Chyau (and) Chin-Chu Chen

1. Grape King Bio Ltd, No. 60, Sec. 3, Longgang Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Journal of Toxicology and Health  2017 4:1doi: 10.7243/2056-3779-4-1

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