Research Journal of Women's Health

Research Journal of Women's Health

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Characteristics of women screened for a contraceptive intravaginal ring study in Kisumu, Kenya, 2014

Eleanor McLellan-Lemal1†*, Deborah A. Gust1†, Roman Gvetadze1†, Melissa Furtado1,2†, Fredrick O. Otieno3†, Mitesh Desai1, Clement Zeh4, Taraz Samandari1, Beatrice Nyagol5 and Esther M. Makanga5

*Correspondence: Eleanor McLellan-Lemal

†These authors contributed equally to this work.
1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Infectious Diseases, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia.

Research Journal of Women's Health  2016 3:1doi: 10.7243/2054-9865-3-1

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