Table 3 : The averages ± SEM of milk yield and conductance of cows with heterozygous
or homozygous p.Gly105[12] compared to cows with homozygous p.Gly105[13] during
mastitis period.

Genotype of FEZL Homozygous p.Gly105[12] or heterozygous p.Gly105[12] Homozygous p.Gly105[13] p value*

Milk [kg/day] 35.59±0.46 32.37±0.45 8.4E-07
Conductance [mS/cm] 6.80±0.02 6.98±0.02 3.5E-14

*p value calculated by Student's t-test.

Sugimoto et al.Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering  2013 1:1DOI : 10.7243/2053-5767-1-1