Figure 1 : A. The domain structure and specific amino acid substitution in human GR are shown schematically. Domain structure of human
GR1-777aa. AF1: Activation function 1, DBD: DNA Binding Domain, HBD: Hormone Binding Domain and AF-1: Activation Function.
B.Co-immunoprecipitation of GR-PPP2R3C complexes in the presence of DEX. Actin control lanes show equal amount of extracts used in co-
immunoprecipitation assay. hGR s shows GR specificity and recognition of PPP2R3C by PPP2R3C IgGs. PPP2R3C co-precipitated with hGR IgGs
only in the presence of DEX.

Govindan et al.Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering  2013 1:2DOI : 10.7243/2053-5767-1-2