Figure 2 : Mammalian Two Hybrid assay of pVP16 PPP2R3C and its deletion mutants with pM GR and substitution mutants was performed to investigate their interaction. pVP16 PPP2R3C was cotransfected with the luciferase reporter and pCMV β-Galactosidase as internal control and GRwt and derivatives in pM.
Similarly, pM GRwt was co-transfected with pVP16 PPP2R3C or its derivatives as shown. The transfectants were treated with vehicle or 100nM DEX as
indicated. The whole cell extracts were prepared, β-galactosidase activities were determined in 10μl of the total extracts. Luciferase activities
were determined in extracts containing 10U of β-galactosidase. The results are the mean of three independent experiments.

Govindan et al.Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering  2013 1:2DOI : 10.7243/2053-5767-1-2