Figure 4 : Southern analysis of four transgenic plants of APK 1 cultivar (Lanes 3-6) and an
untransformed plant using biotin labelled method.

A 2.9kb biotin labelled Cry1C fragment was used to probe genomic DNA isolated from leaves of transgenic and
non transgenic lines. Genomic DNA was digested with HindIII restriction enzyme, fractionized by electrophoresis,
transferred to nylon membrane, and allowed to hybridize with Cry1C gene along with the promoter, double 35S
CaMV promoter plus AMV enhancer (HindIII and EcoRI fragment of pCAMBIA1305.1/Cry1C plasmid). Lane M,
Biotin labelled molecular marker. Lane 1, pCAMBIA 1305.1/Cry 1C plasmid double digested with HindIII and
EcoRI as positive control. Lane 2, DNA from untransformed plant as a negative control. Lane 3, transformed
plant (APK 1-Bt-1). Lane 4, transformed plant (APK 1-Bt-2). Lane 5, transformed plant (APK 1-Bt-3). Lane 6,
transformed plant (APK 1-Bt-4).

Savarimuthu et al.Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering  2014 2:1DOI : 10.7243/2053-5767-2-1