Figure 3 : Results of (a) sensitivity, (b) specificity, (c) classification rate, (d) positive predictive value, (e) negative
predictive value, (f) false discovery and (g) lift across all chromosomes as a function of k and the sample size of
the master plates (n=250 in blue, n=500 in pink and n=1000 in green).

Measures are presented in %. BD=Bipolar disorder; CD=Crohn's disease; CAD=Coronary artery disease;
HT=Hypertension; RA=Rheumatoid arthritis; T1D=Type 1 diabetes; T2D=Type 2 diabetes.

Arcos-Burgos et al.Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering  2015 3:1DOI : 10.7243/2053-5767-3-1