Nanomaterials and Nanosciences

Nanomaterials and Nanosciences

ISSN 2053-0927
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The physical aspect of the effects of metal nanoparticles on biological systems. Spin supercurrents

Liudmila B. Boldyreva

Correspondence: Liudmila B. Boldyreva

Author Affiliations

Associate Professor, The State University of Management, Moscow, Russia.


As follows from the current studies, the therapeutic effect of nanoparticles on the cells of a biological organism is not determined in some cases by the electric or magnetic forces. The paper aims at showing that there is a physical process that might account for the features of the non-electromagnetic effects of nanoparticles on biological systems. An analysis is given of some features of the effects (non-electrostatic) of metal nanoparticles on biological systems, namely: the non-monotonic size-effect dependence, the dependence on nanoparticle form, the adhesion of certain metal nanoparticles to specific cells. It is shown that these features of the effects of nanoparticles on biological systems are analogous to the features of the interaction of spin structures in superfluid 3Не-В by spin supercurrents. This approach allows one to improve the efficacy of therapeutic applications of nanoparticles, in particular, they make it possible to determine which metal would exert maximum effect on a definite biological system.

Keywords: Nanobiology, nanomedicine, metal nanoparticles, spin supercurrent, model of superfluid physical vacuum

ISSN 2053-0927
Volume 2
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