Table 1 : Condensed example of the abstraction and organisation of data when forming the main category: “Work unit level challenges”.

Original statement from the material Abstracted statement Subcategory Headcategory Maincategory

“Fragmented and physician- oriented management” Physician- oriented Development of pair management Front-line management in
every-day practice
Work unit level challenges
“Although front-line nurse managers do all they can their work is
not acknowledged and well-being is not supported”
Challenges in a front-line nurse manager’s
-- -- --

“Staff members have not been able to influence their own issues
in the work unit”
Staff cannot influence their own work Development of working conditions
and atmosphere
-- --
“Nursing staff members are not valued as experts, only as
physicians’ assistants.”
Nursing and nurses are not valued -- -- --
“People are afraid to speak out” A discussion culture is missing -- -- --

“Not enough attention has been paid to customer feedback.” Responding to customer feedback has
been neglected
Development of customer feedback
-- --

“Work unit values are not clear.” No shared values in work units Making the strategy of work units
-- --
“The basis of common work is unclear.” No clear strategy in work units -- -- --
“The staff does not have a clear understanding of what is
expected of them.”
Activities are not clearly defined -- -- --

Saarnio et al.Journal of Nursing  2016 3:2DOI : 10.7243/2056-9157-3-2