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Simulation as a Learning and Evaluation Modality: A Concept Analysis

Laura Skoronski Chavez

*Correspondence: Laura Skoronski Chavez

Wilkes University, USA.


A concept analysis was conducted to clarify the definition of simulation as a learning modality and method of evaluation. Due to the lack of clarity and the upsurge of multiple uses for simulation, a new definition is warranted. A broad approach was utilized in order to fully explore the literature. A computer-assisted search was conducted using multiple databases including CINAHL, OVID, ERIC, ProQuest, and Cochrane. Nursing and education books, dictionaries, and thesauruses were also reviewed to determine the meaning of simulation. Exclusion criteria included studies that were not in English, published before 2010, or dissertations. After conducting the analysis, a new conceptual definition is proposed. This new definition allows nursing educators to utilize simulation as a teaching methodology and an evaluation method while highlighting the need for adequate simulation training.

Keywords: Simulation, evaluation, teaching methodology, nursing student, definition

ISSN 2056-9157
Volume 7
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