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Developing a Conceptual Definition of the Successfully Transitioned Newly Licensed Registered Nurse (NLRN)

Joset Brown* and Jill Nocella

*Correspondence: Joset Brown

Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, College of Science & Health, William Paterson University, 300 Pompton Rd, Wayne, USA.


Background: The transition from student to practicing nurse has been described as tumultuous for the newly licensed registered nurse (NLRN). New nurses face challenges with adapting to new and unfamiliar roles and environments while also needing to provide safe nursing care. The consequences of the trepidations are costly and may result in low job satisfaction, high job turnover rates, and poor patient outcomes.

Methods: Concept development was conducted adhering to the three-step Schwartz-Barcott and Kim’s hybrid model. Twenty-two articles that met inclusion criteria from PubMed, MEDLINE, and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) were reviewed and analyzed. Second, semistructured interviews with 17 registered nurses to explore their perceptions of the attributes of a successfully transitioned NLRN were conducted, followed by inductive content analysis. Finally, a comprehensive definition of the successfully transitioned NLRN was developed.

Results: The literature search failed to reveal a definition of the successfully transitioned NLRN. Evaluation of existing tools from the literature review yielded no clear conclusions or attributes of transitional success. Based on this finding and supported by the semi-structured interviews, a definition of the successfully transitioned NLRN is posited.

Conclusion: A precise definition of a successfully transitioned nurse provides a consistent benchmark to measure progress toward independent practice. This definition supports the development of a psychometrically validated instrument to operationalize and measure attributes. This is a crucial step to determine the need for and the amount of support required as the NLRN continues to evolve professionally.

Keywords: Successful transition, New nurse, Newly licensed nurse, Transition to practice

ISSN 2056-9157
Volume 8
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