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Developing a Conceptual Definition of the Successfully Transitioned Newly Licensed Registered Nurse (NLRN)

Joset Brown, Jill Nocella
Journal of Nursing2021 8: 1 (1 November 2021)
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Nursing perspectives on their COVID-19 pandemic preparedness

Jennifer M Moseley, Dawn Burns, John Heil, Katherine He, Allan Stolarski, Edward Whang, Gentian Kristo
Journal of Nursing2020 7: 3 (7 September 2020)
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Using a learning log to support students understanding and engagement within a research module

Marie Kerin, Owen Doody
Journal of Nursing2018 5: 5 (17 August 2018)
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Can humanoid nurse robots replace human nurses?

Rozzano C Locsin, Hirokazu Ito
Journal of Nursing2018 5: 1 (11 January 2018)
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Nurse managers' visions of future challenges in health care organizations

Reetta Saarnio, Marjo Suhonen, Arja Isola
Journal of Nursing2016 3: 2 (16 February 2016)
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The work done in healthcare projects

Tiina Pohjola, Marjo Suhonen, Kimmo Mattila, Riitta Meretoja
Journal of Nursing2016 3: 1 (6 January 2016)