Global Epidemic Obesity

Global Epidemic Obesity

ISSN 2052-5966

The overfat pandemic in India

Philip Maffetone1* and Mihira Khopkar2

*Correspondence: Philip Maffetone

1. DC, Independent researcher, Oracle, Arizona, USA.

Author Affiliations

2. M Sc. (Home Science) Sports Nutrition, Visiting Faculty, Department of Foods Nutrition & Dietetics, College of Home Science Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Up to 76% of the world’s population is overfat, a term referring to the accumulation of excess body fat that can impair health and contribute to chronic disease. While most people who are overweight and obese have excess body fat, normal-weight and non-obese individuals can also be overfat, often due to excess abdominal fat. Based on the prevalence of overweight, obesity, and excess abdominal fat, it is estimated that in India 70 to 80% of adults and 41% of children are overfat. The increased consumption of processed foods, especially dietary sugar, which can also offset the benefits of exercise, may play a primary contributory role in the growing overfat pandemic in India.

Keywords: Overfat, Obese, Overweight, Chronic Disease, Insulin Resistance

ISSN 2052-5966
Volume 6
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