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Hepatitis C antibody testing in African American and Hispanic men in New York City with prostate biopsy

Annika Krystyna1*, Divya Kumari1, Robert Tenney1, Radomir Kosanovic1, Tarang Safi1, William Matthew Briggs1, Karen Hennessey2, Michael Skelly2, Eduardo Enriquez1, Jean Lajeune1, Wasim Ghani1 and Murray David Schwalb1

*Correspondence: Annika Krystyna Ana.Osansky@nychhc.org

1. Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Department of Urology, 234 E. 149th Street STE 2A7 Bronx, NY 10451, USA.

Author Affiliations

2. Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Department of Infectious Diseases, 234 E. 149th Street STE 2A5 Bronx, NY 10451, USA.


Background: An analysis of the Prostate Cancer Database Project previously identified an association between hepatitis C antibody testing and prostate cancer (Pca).

Methods: The records of 864 African American (AA) and Hispanic men from January 1, 2000, thru July 31, 2011 with both prostate biopsy and hepatitis C antibody testing were examined. Chi-squared tests, T-tests of difference and logistic regression models were used to interpret data. A skill plot was used to integrate receiver operating curves and optimal cut-off for PSA in accordance with Bayesian theory.

Results: Seventy percent of AA men and 52% of Hispanic men with hepatitis C antibody testing had Pca, while 68% of AA and 70% of Hispanic men with hepatitis C antibody detected had Pca. African American men had significantly higher rates of Pca, hepatitis C antibody detected, HIV, and higher cancer stage at diagnosis when compared to Hispanic men. Prostate cancer was more likely to metastasize despite average histological Gleason scores of less than 7 and was not related to number of cancer containing cores at biopsy. PSA did not meet criteria required of standard screening tests to detect Pca in this patient population.

Conclusions: In New York City, African American and Hispanic men referred for prostate biopsy with a history of hepatitis C antibody detection or indication for testing have the highest rates of Pca detected in any group identified to date, with high rates of metastatic disease at presentation independent of PSA, histological Gleason scores and number of cores containing cancer at diagnostic biopsy. The presence of serum hepatitis C antibody significantly increases odds of Pca.

Keywords: Prostatic neoplasm, hepatitis, hepatitis C, HCVab, antibody, African American, Hispanic, men, gleason, psa

ISSN 2052-6199
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