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Therapeutic strategies to reverse immunosuppressive breast cancer microenvironment

Deimante Tamkus, Tejaswini Joginpally
Oncology Discovery 2016 4: 1 (10 June 2016)
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Preneoplasia and carcinogenesis of the oral cavity

Naoki Watanabe, Tsunemasa Ohkubo, Masahito Shimizu, Takuji Tanaka
Oncology Discovery 2015 3: 1 (9 April 2015)
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Methylation of DNA repair genes and the efficacy of DNA targeted anticancer treatment

Joris R Julsing, Godefridus J Peters
Oncology Discovery 2014 2: 3 (16 October 2014)
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Mechanisms of therapy resistance in osteosarcoma: a review

J. PosthumaDeBoer, B.J. van Royen, M.N. Helder
Oncology Discovery 2013 1: 8 (31 December 2013)
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Cancer stem cells and addicted cancer cells

Meike E. W. Logtenberg, Johannes Boonstra
Oncology Discovery 2013 1: 7 (5 November 2013)
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Curcumin and its derivatives in breast cancer: Current developments and potential for the treatment of drug-resistant cancers

Belinda J. Cridge, Lesley Larsen, Rhonda J. Rosengren
Oncology Discovery 2013 1: 6 (18 September 2013)
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Human papillomavirus association in epithelial cancers: a systematic review of the literature

Mohammed S Miah, Colin McCowan, Robin A Crosbie, Rodney E Mountain, Suresh Mahendran
Oncology Discovery 2013 1: 5 (5 September 2013)
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Anticancer activity and chemoprevention of xenobiotic organosulfurs in preclinical model systems

Robert E. Click
Oncology Discovery 2013 1: 4 (31 July 2013)