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Evaluation of the inner-retinal cells survival after low duration laser treatment measured by electroretinogram in patient with diabetic retinopathy

Arief S Kartasasmita, Ohisa Harley, Irawati Irfani, Erwin Iskandar
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology 2017 4: 2 (9 September 2017)
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Visual and topographic impacts of trans-epithelial versus epithelium-off corneal collagen cross-linking in adult keratoconus

Amani E Badawi
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology 2016 3: 1 (29 September 2016)
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Large diurnal variation of intraocular pressure in open angle glaucoma in subjects with type a behaviour pattern

Raffaella Morreale Bubella, Daniele Morreale Bubella
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology 2014 1: 4 (16 August 2014)
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Half-dose and half-fluence photodynamic therapy for central serous chorioretinopathy

Julie M. Rosenthal, Christina J. Flaxel
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology 2014 1: 2 (20 May 2014)
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Prevalence of presbyopia among smoking population

Mohammad Khalaj, Hafez Gasemi, Ameneh Barikani, Morteza Ebrahimi, Shahram Rastak
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology 2014 1: 1 (8 March 2014)