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Journal of Optics and Photonics  encompass the research on behaviour, properties, technical applications and also bio-related functions of light. The journal scope includes challenging and innovating techniques related to the advancement of optics and photonics materials, characterization and applications combining basic View More...


Prof. Vincenzo Eramo
presently working as an aggregate professor in Department of Engineering of Information, Electronics and Telecommunications (DIET), Sapienza-University of Roma, Italy. The research areas of Prof. Vincenzo Eramo are on the queuing theory, resource dimensioning techniques in telecommunication networks, all-optical networks and Internet switching architectures. His current research interests are focused on the definition and performance evaluation of routing techniques and technologies to reduce the power consumption in Telecommunication Networks.

Journal of Optics and Photonics

Classical optics, Photonic sensors, Fiber Optics, Photodetectors, Modern optics, Physical optics, Atmospheric optics, Quantum electronics, Optoelectronics, Quantum optics, Nonlinear optics, Nanophotonics, Integrated photonics, Magneto photonics, Applications of optics and photonics, Geometric optics