Table 2 : Opinion of participants showing their knowledge towards CBCT.

Questions Yes No

Do you use digital imaging 160 16
Are you aware of CBCT use in Dental Radiology 176 0
Did you come across term CBCT 176 0
Do you feel CBCT is a diagnostic tool in dentistry? 176 0
Do you feel CBCT will be the tool of future in dentistry? 160 16
Do you feel the need of workshops and CDE for CBCT? 176 0
Do you feel the necessity of installation of CBCT in Dental institutions 176 0
Is adequate teaching is given to the dental students regarding CBCT
by the faculties of the college?
76 100
Have you attended any courses related to CBCT? 16 160
Have you ever advised CBCT for diagnosis? 30 146

Rabi et al.Oral Biology and Dentistry  2016 4:1DOI : 10.7243/2053-5775-4-1