Table 1 : The codes and descriptions of the hierarchical CAST instrument [10].

Characteristic Code Description

Sound 0 No visible evidence of a distinct carious lesion is present
Sealant 1 Pits and/or fissures are at least partially covered with a sealant material
Restoration 2 A cavity is restored with an (in)direct restorative material
Enamel 3 Distinct visual change in enamel only. A clear caries-related discolouration is visible, with or without localized enamel breakdown
Dentine 4 Internal caries-related discolouration in dentine. The discolored dentine is visible through enamel which may or may not exhibit a visible localized breakdown of enamel
5 Distinct cavitation into dentine. The pulp chamber is intact
Pulp 6 Involvement of the pulp chamber. Distinct cavitation reaching the pulp chamber or only root fragments are present
Abscess/Fistula 7 A pus-containing swelling or a pus-releasing sinus tract related to a tooth with pulpal involvement
Lost 8 The tooth has been removed because of dental caries
Other 9 Does not correspond to any of the other descriptions

Hilgert et al.Oral Biology and Dentistry  2016 4:2DOI : 10.7243/2053-5775-4-2