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Oral Biology and Dentistry

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Chronic stress increases bone resorption in apical periodontitis stress and endodontic disease in rats

Tereza Aparecida Delle Vedove Semenoff1*, Aurélio Rosa da Silva-Junior2†, Fábio Luis Miranda Pedro1†, Álvaro Henrique Borges1†, Alessandra Nogueira Porto1† and Alex Semenoff-Segundo1†

*Correspondence: Tereza Aparecida Delle Vedove Semenoff t.semenoff@uol.com.br

† These authors contributed equally to this work.
1. Master's Program in Integrated Dentistry Science – University of Cuiabá – UNIC. Cuiabá-MT, Brazil.

Author Affiliations

2. Master's Program in Health Sciences – Area of Concentration: Surgery, Nutrition and Metabolism at the Federal University of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá-MT, Brazil.


Background: The aim of this study was to radiographically evaluate the effects of chronic stress on induced endodontic disease in rats.

Methods: Twenty-four Wistar rats were divided into two groups: stress associated with coronal access (SAG) and coronal access (AG). Initially, the SAG and AG groups underwent coronal opening on their first right upper molars. Beginning the next day, the SAG group was subjected to physical restraint for 12 daytime hours daily for 29 days, which induced stress. After this period, the animals were euthanised, and their jaws were radiographed according to a standardised method. The radiographs were digitised, and the area of the periapical lesions was measured.

Results: The results indicate that the SAG group experienced a greater destruction of the apical periodontium, which was significantly different from that observed in the AG group (p<0.05).

Conclusions: Chronic stress was able to cause an increase in disease of the apical periodontium.

Keywords: Disease, endodontics, radiography, dental, rats, stress, periapical, lesion

ISSN 2053-5775
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