Oral Biology and Dentistry

Oral Biology and Dentistry

ISSN 2053-5775

Next generational fuji IX-a proposed universal dental material–but not yet 'set in cement'

John A. Loudon

Correspondence: John A. Loudon jon.uk1515@gmail.com

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Wetherill Park Medical Centre, Suite 101, Stockland Mall, Polding Street, Wetherill Park, Sydney, NSW, 2164 Australia.


In this article a summary from the literature is presented for the use of next generational conventional glass ionomer cement (Fuji IXGP) for a plethora of dental situations. Applications include not only restorative but also cementation and core buildup scenarios. Fuji IXGP fluoride release, radio-opacity and reasonable aesthetics offer-up advantages in field and Special Needs dentistry as well as in the clinic for caries susceptible individuals. The adaptability of such a material thus ranks it highly for virtually universal use in clinical practice and encapsulation frees the operator from variability in hand-mixing. Personal experience in many clinical situations with this material is recounted. Downsides in terms of its physical properties are outlined and means and ways to aid addressing these aspects are portrayed. Further, along these lines, it is noted that the so-called 'ideal' biocompatible restorative dental material is not available as yet and the field is undergoing constant re-evaluation and change. Clinicians should be flexible to incorporate novel approaches into their dentistry based on individual experience. Ultimately, sound, evidence-based randomized controlled, blinded, clinical trials determine the best direction to pursue yet oftentimes anecdotal findings may initiate and inspire such trials. Clinicians are urged to be pro-active in implementing research strategies into their daily routine with the concept in mind that the largest laboratory of all is, in the end, the clinic itself.

Keywords: Atraumatic restorative technique, compressive bond strength, crown cementation, dental core, dental post, dental restorative, dental core, dentinal bonding, enamel bonding, ferrule effect, Fuji IXGP, Glass ionomer cement, luting cement, root caries, shear bond strength, tensile bond strength

ISSN 2053-5775
Volume 2
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