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Oral Biology and Dentistry

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Current status of awareness, knowledge and attitude of dentists in palestine towards cone beam computed tomography: A survey

Emad Qirresh, Hakam Rabi and Tarek Rabi*

*Correspondence: Tarek Rabi tarekrabi@gmail.com

Author Affiliations

Department of Conservative dentistry and Dental Materials, Al Quds University, PO.Box 19759 – Jerusalem, Palestinian Territory.


Objectives: Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is being seen by many in dentistry as the standard imaging procedure for many dental implants, orthognathic, orthodontic, or endodontic cases. With this understanding, the purpose of this study was to assess the current state of knowledge, attitude and awareness of dentists in Palestine towards the usage of CBCT.

Materials and methods: An online questionnaire with 16 items on CBCT was mailed to 300 private practitioners registered with the Palestinian Dental Association. Also, the demographic details of the dentists such as name, gender, qualification, specialty and years of experience were collected. The collected data was analyzed and then subjected to descriptive statistical analysis.

Results: 176 dentists responded to this questionnaire, 110 dentists did not respond, and communication could not be established with 14 dentists. All the participants were aware of CBCT and felt that its usage should be increased in dental radiology, and more workshops should be held to provide information related to CBCT.

Conclusion: Cone beam computed tomography is a relatively advanced imaging technique with a profound potential in the field of dentistry. This fact is now being realized and accepted by most of the dental specialists. The study results indicate that there is a definite gap in knowledge of CBCT applications amongst the dental specialists.

Keywords: Awareness, cone bean computed tomography, knowledge, dental radiology

ISSN 2053-5775
Volume 4
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