Oral Biology and Dentistry

Oral Biology and Dentistry

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Chronic wound management of periodontal disease

Duane Clay Keller

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Periodontal disease afflicts much of humankind, even when the patient seeks professional care and exercise homecare recommended by the dental profession. The accepted guidelines of the dental profession are scaling and root planing along with professional prophylaxis and sound home care. Patients suffer with periodontal disease even when they follow these guidelines. These guidelines are flawed because they are acute modality treatment guidelines, while periodontal disease is a chronic wound.

The etiology and stages that occur in acute wounds differ significantly from chronic wounds. Acute wound treatment modalities are not capable of successfully treating most chronic wounds. The American Medical Association (AMA) has established guidelines for chronic wound management. The steps in theAMA guidelines of chronic wound therapy are incorporated into direct medication delivery in the treatment of chronic periodontal disease.

The AMA guidelines recommend managing the etiology of disease using antimicrobials, oxygen and topical antiseptics before physical intervention. Once the cause is managed, wound debridement is an essential step along with long-term prevention of reoccurrence. Direct medication delivery has been shown to control the etiology of periodontal disease using a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide and a subclinical doxycycline dose to manage the biofilm. Long-term management and prevention of reoccurrence fulfill the guidelines of chronic wound management.

Keywords: Perio protect method, direct medication deliver, chronic wound management, biofilm control, anti-inflammatory, compression therapy, long-term maintenance, Perio Tray

ISSN 2053-5775
Volume 6
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