Oral Biology and Dentistry

Oral Biology and Dentistry

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Case report

Transient Left Eyelid Incompetence After Mandibular Block Anesthesia: A Case Report

Andri Hardianto1 and Wilson Wijaya2*

*Correspondence: Wilson Wijaya wilson_wijaya@live.com

1. Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University, Bandung 40132.

Author Affiliations

2. Dental Unit, Karitas Catholic Hospital, South West Sumba 87255.


Background: Inferior alveolar nerve block prior to lower posterior tooth extraction is often done in dentistry. Rarely, clinician may pull aniatrogenic error by inaccurately positioning the tip of the syringe. Anesthetic solution may damage the ganglion of 7th cranial nerve, resulting in Facial Palsy, including eyelid incompetence of the side being anesthesized.

Objectives: The purpose of the case is to report eyelid incompetence as one the less common side-effect of inferior alveolar nerve block.

Case: A 32-year-old woman came to the Karitas Catholic Hospital Dental Unit for second left molar extraction with inferior alveolar nerve block as anesthesia. As the anesthesia came into effect, the left eyelid was unable to close at the same time.

Management: Sterile gauze with saline was put over her left eye to avoid dryness and an anti-inflammatory drug was prescribed.

Conclusion: Dentists have to prepare for every side-effect of inferior alveolar nerve block, including eyelid incompetence.

Keywords: Inferior alveolar nerve block, eyelid incompetence, facial palsy

ISSN 2053-5775
Volume 9
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